5 Websites to Check If Your Email Password Has Been Compromised

5 Websites to Check If Your Email Password Has Been Compromised

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor is an online free tool launched by Firefox to detect whether an account has been leaked, as long as you enter your email account you can query whether the account has been leaked data, in addition to subscribing to the security event push, so that you can be the first to know about the website leakage event.

The principle is that when you enter your email account Firefox Monitor will automatically query the website that has leaked the database to see if your account has registered on that website.

Query URL: https://monitor.firefox.com

Have IbeenPwned

This Have I been pwned site contains a list of database leaks that have been published on the web in the last few years, again just enter your usual registered email address/mobile number to check. The site will then match the database to tell you if the account you're using is a security risk.

If the query result shows green, it means your account does not appear in the leaked database, and if it appears red, it will appear how many duplicate account information has been found.

Query URL: https://haveibeenpwned.com/


If you're used to using Edge's password manager to keep track of your account passwords, Password Security in Settings will also show you the relevant leaked account passwords, so you can see what passwords have been leaked from which websites, or click the Ignore button next to it if you don't think they've been leaked.

In Google Browser's password manager will also show your leaked account passwords, go to Settings - Autofill - Passwords - Check Passwords - click Check to start scanning.

Online detection: https://passwords.google.com/

Intelligence X

This Intelligence X website says it contains 13 billion pieces of data, besides supporting email account search, it also supports website, IP address, CIDR, bitcoin and other leakage search with advanced custom search function.

However, the data may be too much, the search results match a little vague, but it can also be used as a reference, it is recommended that you also query again.

Query URL: https://intelx.io


Network security company Dehashed online query tool, the collection of more than ten billion pieces of information, covering a very large amount of data, support for usernames, mailboxes, addresses, support for positive rule expressions and other ways to query.

The search results are also similar to Intelligence X, covering more information, if you are not only worried about password leakage, but also worried about privacy and so on, you can also query to see.

Search URL: https://www.dehashed.com

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