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Update: 2023-12-29

IPv4 node

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IPv6 node

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Instructions for use

Open Shadowrocket - click on the top left corner to scan the QR code


Shadowrocket is a rule-based tool commonly used to implement network traffic proxying and triage on iOS devices. The app is able to capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from a device and redirect the traffic to a specified proxy server based on user-defined rules.Shadowrocket typically supports a variety of proxy protocols, such as Socks5, Shadowsocks, VMess, and many more types of proxy protocols.

Because Shadowrocket allows users to carefully control network traffic, such as enabling only specific application traffic to pass through a proxy, or intelligently diverting traffic based on domain name, it becomes very flexible in managing network connections.

In some areas, Shadowrocket may be used as a VPN client or web proxy client for network privacy or to circumvent network restrictions. However, the use of Shadowrocket and any similar tools to bypass network restrictions may be restricted by law and policy, so users need to comply with local laws and regulations when using such tools.